Download ScanPst.Exe

Scan pst.exe is one in all software developed by Microsoft to repair the damaged and corrupted outlook PST files. It is also well known as inbox repair tool which is an inbuilt tool for repairing the corruption of PST files.

You generally use PST files for the storage of emails, messages, calendars, contacts and many more informational data. You sometimes get the horrifying day when you lost your stored informational data from your PST files due to the fact when your PST get corrupted.

The PST files get corrupted due to various reasons. The main reason for the loss of PST files is the oversized PST. In fact every version of the Outlook has a size issue. When your PST files goes larger than 2GB, it makes your Outlook accessing in a very slow motion. The other cause for the corruption of the PST files is accidentally virus attack, unexpectedly power failure and more similar reasons. When your PST gets corrupted you get an obscure error messages such as “outlook inaccessible”.

In order to make your PST file accessible, you must have to keep the back up of your important data. Afterward, you can run Scanpst.exe. It is an inbuilt tool provide by Microsoft Outlook for repairing the corrupted PST files. If the accessing Inbox repair tool is unable to repair the corrupted PST files then it really becomes a challenging task to recover your lost data. At such a situation you can opt for the third party software. The scanpst.exe software is very useful and helpful to repair your corrupted files.

You can easily find ScanPst.exe in your computer because Microsoft has made it very easy to find the ScanPst.exe. The software location varies according to the version of the Outlook. If you are Microsoft Office 2000 user then you can find the location with such a command C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Scanpst.exe. In this way can get the location of ScanPst.exe very conveniently. If you are unable to find out the exact location of Scanpst.exe then you can download ScanPst.exe to repair the corrupted PST files.

If you want to download Scanpst.exe from the internet then you can go for it on the official website of Microsoft office. From here you can download ScanPst.exe.

If you do free download ScanPst.exe software from the internet you may get the latest and even upgraded version of the software. It may happen that you sometimes download ScanPst.exe with virus and this corrupts the content of your Outlook. So you must have to be very attentive while you are free downloading ScanPst.exe software.

If you are unable to repair your PST files through ScanPST.exe or inbox repair tool then you can make use of third party software. PST repair tool is a third party software to fix the corruption of the of PST files. You can use it when you are unable to find location of the ScanPst.exe tool also.


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