Download Inbox Repair tool

ScanPst.exe is a specific tool which is commonly known as Inbox Repair tool. The scanpst.exe or Inbox repair tool fixes the corruption of the PST files and can also locate the corruption in a very convenient way. Inbox repair tool is actually free utility program which is designed by the Microsoft for repairing the damaged ad corrupted outlook files.

Inbox repair tool is one of the powerful tools for repairing the corrupted as well as crushed PST files. It is an inbuilt tool of Microsoft Outlook and you can locate it in a very easy manner. Sometimes you get a quite complexity in finding the exact location of the Inbox repair tool. Hence in this situation you can easily download Inbox Repair tool in order to have a quite simplicity in the scanning of the corrupted PST files.

You can download Inbox Repair tool when your PST goes corrupted and you want to repair it for your use. The Microsoft Outlook gets corrupted due to various reasons but the most familiar reason is the size issue. The size issue of the PST file makes it sometimes corrupted. The Outlook file carries a size of 2GB ad when it goes oversized then the processing speed of the Outlook goes slow down. This sometimes causes the data loss from the Microsoft PST files.


The Microsoft PST files generally contain the emails, contacts, date, appointments, calendars and many more. If once your PST files get corrupted it means you have lost various important data which you may have stored for your future use. But you need not more worry about the while things. You can easily recover your lost data by effectively repairing your PST files.

The suspected corruption can be easily fixed with the help of Inbox Repair tool. You can easily download Inbox Repair tool online for a trial version. If you get satisfied with the software you can buy it easily. You can also download Inbox Repair tool in order to get the updated version. This software is very user friendly in nature and need no more technical knowledge for the operation.

You can download Inbox Repair tool free when you get a suspect of corruption in the Microsoft Outlook file. If your PST file gets damaged it becomes very challenging to repair it. Hence you can easily repair it with the help of Inbox Repair tool.