Download scanpst.exe outlook 2003

PST is an abbreviation of Personal storage table file which is specially designed for storing the Microsoft Outlook data such as calendar, text, email, journals, dates, appointments and many more. It is just a main storage file for the Outlook client and is used in a very prominent way.

The chances of the corruptions start in the PST files due to various reasons. The size issues which the PST file carries is one of the important reason for the corruption of the PST files. The PST file has a limited size which is 2GB. If the size of the PST file exceeds with its limits then the corruption in the file starts. The corruption of the PST file slows down the process of the Microsoft Outlook.

The size issue of the PST file is very general to all the version of the Outlook PST but the Outlook 2003 and its earlier version has a more prominent chance to have the corruption. The outlook version has the size limit of 2GB which is very short for today's user and when it exceeds with its limits the Outlook gets corrupted. Hence the processing speed of the PST file is also affected by such a corruption.


The Scanpst.exe outlook 2003 is very useful tool to repair the corrupted Outlook PST files. It is located in the drive: \Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12 Folder. You can easily find the scanpst.exe outlook 2003 on your computer in different location from various commands. The location of the software varies according to the version of the software.

You need to have a very simple move in order to use ScanPst tool. You just need to run the ‘scanpst.exe'. Click on the find option from the start menu. The ‘find' opens and you can type “scanpst.exe” in the search bar just after selecting the files and folders option. Double click on when the application appears. You can type the name of the PST files when the opens. When click start, the application begins by first scanning the PST files for the errors. Lastly you must have to give the location where you want to save your repaired PST files.

You can download scanpst.exe outlook 2003 or further version online if you are not locating the exact location of the tool. If you are unable to have the full or updated version of the software then you can easily download it from the official website of Microsoft Outlook.

You need third party PST repair software when your ScanPst becomes unable to repair the Outlook PST files. This software is very easy to use and need no more technical knowledge.