Download scanpst.exe outlook 2007

The Microsoft Outlook provides an inbuilt tool which is simply called as ScanPst.exe in order to fix the corruption of the PST files. It is also known as inbox repair tool. The corruption in the PST files occurs due to various reasons. But the main reason which is very famous is the size issue. It happens with almost every version of the Microsoft Outlook.

The PST file has a limited size according to the version. For an example, the Outlook 2002 and its earlier version carries 2GB size limit and on other hand Outlook 2007 carries 4GB size limit. If it exceeds from the target then your PST file may get corrupted.

The Outlook PST file is such a file which is especially designed by the Microsoft Outlook to store the data such as calendars, emails, date, journals and many more. When it gets corrupted it means that you may lose a lot. This PST files can be repaired with a very simple way. You can repair it with the help of scanpst.exe which is an inbuilt feature of the Microsoft Outlook.

You generally rely on Outlook 2007 for the minimum corruption due to size issue but this doesn't happen. It also carries the size issue and prone for the corruption. When your Outlook 2007 goes wrong or corrupts, then you generally find an error message which indicates that the PST files has corrupted and you need to repair it. The error message which you get is like "The file F:\archive.pst is not a personal folders file." You can easily solve this type of problem with the help of scanpst.exe tool.

The scanpst.exe is very powerful tool to repair the corruption of the Microsoft Outlook. This tool supports every version of the Outlook PST such as Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, etc. This scanpst.exe tool is very useful to fix the corruption of the Microsoft Outlook.


You can get the scanpst.exe tool with your Microsoft Outlook totally free as an inbuilt feature. This is a read only application which works to scan the corrupted PST files of Microsoft Outlook 2007 and its various different versions. It supports every version of the Outlook and scans the corrupted PST files.

The Scanpst.exe outlook 2007 is very different tool. It is located in the drive: \Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12 Folder. You can easily find the scanpst.exe outlook 2007 on your computer in different location from various commands. The location of the software varies according to the version of the software.

You can download scanpst.exe outlook 2007 when you are unable to find the location of the tool in your Outlook. Download scanpst.exe outlook 2007 is a good alternative while you are not able to find the exact location of the tool in your Outlook. You can get the latest and more updated version of the software on the official website of the Microsoft Outlook.

When you find the Microsoft inbox repair tool or scanpst.exe outlook 2007 is unable to repair the corrupted Outlook 2007 PST then you at such a situation you can easily go for third party PST repair tool. It is also very powerful tool which can be applied for the scanning and repairing of the corrupted PST files.