Scanpst.exe location

Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt program for scanning or repairing the Outlook corruption. It is actually a free utility program designed to repair the corrupted and damaged Outlook PST files. If you are looking for the Scanpst.exe program then you can easily get it with your Microsoft Outlook.

The Scanpst.exe program comes with Microsoft Outlook as an inbuilt feature. The Scanpst.exe file is one of the strong programs which are read only in its features. The Scanpst .exe is very easily located in the Outlook. You can very easily locate scan PST in your computer. Microsoft had made it very easy to locate the scanPst.exe on your computer. This file is stored in the specific location of the C: // drive. The Scanpst.exe file is particularly used to repair PST file.

The Scanpst.exe location varies according to the version of the operating system. The Outlook version is also responsible for the varying location of the Scanpst.exe. You should also run the version of the repair tool which is installed in your computer.


You can go for some of the directory location to get perfect Scanpst.exe location of the Microsoft. In Windows 2000 you can follow the command C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Scanpst.exe. While for the Windows XP operating system C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033\Scanpst.exe.

Be sure to allow the viewing of the folders and files on your system. If you don't do it then it becomes more difficult to locate the exact location of the ScanPST.exe. If you are unable to view scanpst.exe file in the above mentioned location then you can find it by downloading it online. But one thing which is very important before downloading Scanpst.exe the file you must have to check the version of the Scanpst.exe file available on internet.